Lingering flicks.

As a film group, we got a lot on. Several projects in post productions. A few things we’re working on in development. And as well as giving time to our families we all work on average 40 hours a week on day jobs.

Finding time to write, edit, produce, message, film, organize, deal with contacts, have meetings, reviews, research, music, sound, effects, color-grading, and all else, choosing which project to work on with which hour free in-between everything else.

It’s tiring.

But I want to let everyone involved in any and all of our projects that they are still in production. They are still coming, everything is still coming together. Working on several of these things at once we aim to have a steady stream of content coming out in the future instead of just one thing and then starting over on a new project. Yeah, its slower per project, but it keeps us rolling once the next thing releases.

Time management wise, the other slowdown is that we’ve been breaking our work load down in this fashion:

Wayne: Producing, communications, editing, writing, social media.

Jim: Editing, music production, writing, social media, research.

Me: Producing, communications, editing, visual effects, color grading, compositing, mixing, graphic design, marketing, websites, social media, writing.

We all do so much – while balancing family and work that I know it’s frustrating for everyone waiting on things. Which is why I wanted to let everyone know again, that things are coming together. We also have a few people who might be jumping on to help some of the backlog.

Of the publicly announced projects here is what I can say as an update:

In Theory – Work print complete, sending to festivals.

Birthday girl – 60% edit complete, several songs are now licensed for the film, original score is complete, several visual effects shots are complete, or near complete. Assembly expected in August.

Too Young to Die – Third draft script is still being sent out and several actors are attached via letters of intent. Still seeking funding, several promotional shorts will be released over the next 12 months to help promote it. Some in development, some have already been shot. First exposure toward Halloween.

That Guy – Has been held back deliberately to allow time for the episodes to be compiled. More than 80 episodes have been filmed. 1/6th edited. No release date set.

Everyday heroes – Cosplay documentary – over 50 hours of footage has been shot. This is being edited down. Still need several interviews filmed to contribute to the narrative of this film. No release date set.

Skeptics – 3 episodes have been fully filmed. All are partly edited. Score has been completed.

Unannounced projects:

K.T. – 2nd draft completed.
A.C. – 1st draft near complete.
C.T. – Over 15 hours of footage filmed. Edited started.
T.S.D. – Compiling footage. Live event already complete and edited and mixed.
B.V.H. – Two episodes filmed. Edited in progress.
W.A. – Completely filmed. Edited starting at the end of the year.
P.G. – Filmed. Assembly complete, fine edited started. Effects complete. Music in production.
B. – Filmed, edited, final effects being completed now.
E.N. – 3rd draft complete. Promo partly filmed. Additional filming in September.

So yeah. We’re working on it. I’m just keeping everyone posted. I’ll update this incrementally over time, so keep your eyes peeled.

If anyone out there feels they can help in any of the following fields: EDITING, GHOST WRITING, COMPOSITING/ROTO WORK, VISUAL EFFECTS, MUSIC PRODUCTION, SCORE PRODUCITON – Then please get in touch HERE, we’re always trying to expand – but as we’re self funded, we’re all working for passion and long term goals. Nothing short term. Nothing is ever easy is it?

– Hank – 24/07/2017

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