Sitting outside. 

The air is muggy and thick. Not just warm, but hot. Its night and it is hot as day, no wind. Timelessly stifling. My body is covered in a layer of sweat masking itself as a second skin, impervious to comfort. Not a cloud in the sky, not a breeze on the horizon, not a moment of silence. The neighborhood has, but of course, come alive with people, people who as far as I’m concerned, shouldn’t even be awake right now, let alone being so callously loud. No one has shame about anything, least of all the volume of their actions and their affects on others within earshot. Someone across the field has even decided to launch some fireworks off. I can’t believe it. Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against fireworks on a night designated for such things, but randomly, late at night I can’t abide by it. I got half a mind to go find the culprit and say “Excuse me, but have you heard of consideration?” But it would all be for not when they reply: “Eh? What yah gannin’ on aboot mate?” And then continue drinking heavily and shouting and listening to shitty rave music. Rave music of all things. I mean, where I come from I can honestly get a little sick of hearing rap sometimes, and I like rap, just it is a constant I hear plenty – but mostly from radios, passing cars and during the day, not spilling out of open windows at this hour! And of all things, RAVE?! RAVE FOR GOD’S SAKE?! I’d ask why they don’t have taste, but they probably only listen to this shit, as loudly as they do no less, because no one in their right mind would want to listen to it, therefore they are insulting even the most fleeting of thinkers out there, telling them in no uncertain terms (with the use of repetitively useless for music) “Eh, divin’ even tink aboot tinkin’ mate!” Some nights I wonder why I am not deaf in both ears and the thought which occurs far too often; Is this a blessing or a curse?

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