Workin’ Freelance!

Freelancer by day

Super ninja assassin funky town by night

Super conducting hadron collider in my dreams

to request any of my services

I write for myself and work with a few film companies (Eze as Pi Productions, Dead Reel Films, etc.) But I have been known to do a little freelancing too. “Reasonably priced and good at what I do.” – Spoken like a true corporate whore. I’m a hammer: blunt and abusive, but I nail it.

My Services include:
Writing: spec, copy, manuscript and long form script, etc.
Design: Photo editing, composition, logo design, etc.
Photography: Headshots, live events, etc.
Videography: Show reels, Behind the scenes, live events, etc.
Filmmaking: Producing, Directing, editing, compositing, color grading, some VFX clean up, mixing, encoding, etc.

Personal equipment:
HC-1000 Panasonic 4K camera (Video)

Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 (Stills)
Tascam 500 + Sennheiser Microphone (Sound)
Adobe suite for post

Some of my most recent Freelancing:

We recently had our maternity photoshoot with Hank… the whole experience  was amazing… I was really nervous and self conscious but it didnt take long for me to feel relaxed and really enjoy the experience.. professional, fun and my god the final edits literally  brought me to tears… 100% recommending Hank to everyone I know… what a shoot and what beautiful memories and moments he captured

Sarah Webster
A poster I designed for North Sky Media for their upcoming film ARBITRIUM
Behind the scenes: Cropped, decolored, framed original images, drew extensions to legs. Created background, staged images, added shadows/created light source, added grime, blood, damage, titled, added grain and cuts for polish.
Along with my Producing Partner Wayne Thompson, we wrote the script based on their song and produced and filmed the video in one day. I provided A camera, editing, color grading, compositing and several special effects shots – including removing walkers from the back of the frame.

If you like this song, check out the bands website and support them by buying the track!
Created this Edit and sound mix and narration based on Footage provided by my team who shot on location in Whitby for the Coast Guard. Also includes a composite shot where the rain and Grave were added later.
Me and my producing team filmed the “live” segments of this video for LA based band Little Caesar – the performance was captured at the Cluny in Byker, Newcastle. We also filmed the whole set for the band, and recorded interviews with them and journalist Wayne Madden.
Created and designed stills and Edited promos for Scream Factory’s bloody Valentine event 2019.