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As a Freelancer I have worked recently with New Enterprise Studios, and as a Horror producer at Dead Reel Films, public speaking, talking movies on our podcast, or advocating for mental health awareness – I write essays and various other thoughts here.

The most recent writing would be:


There is some old school writing HERE which, in the “old school emo poetry” section. Near everything here deals with mental health and was written during some particularly distressing times.

Some of my more incendiary opinions and feelings are thrown here. It’s 20XX so no one wants to read someone’s opinion without getting offended.

Look around and I hope you enjoy. If you want to talk shit at me, for better or worse, I’m always happy to hear it. I love getting opinions lobbed at me like grenades.

I am a multi-award winning – and yet completely anonymous – filmmaker. 

While I primarily work as writing consultant and story editor, I also do a lot of video/film editing, work as a colorist and visual effects artist, as well as occasionally direct, write, produce, sound mix, Host a Podcast, Act, design, deliver, etc. etc. And so on. 

This site is not only a portal to hire me as a freelancer or ask for advice (always free) but also a freeform area where I can jot down the occasional essay about a variety of topics. Filmmaking, films, life, depression and so on.

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