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Any spare scraps of time I find between being Creative director of New Enterprise Studios, Horror producer at Dead Reel Films, public speaking, talking movies on our podcast, or advocating for mental health awareness – I write essays and various other thoughts here.

The most recent writing would be:


There is some old school writing HERE which, in the “old school emo poetry” section. Near everything here deals with mental health and was written during some particularly distressing times.

Some of my more incendiary opinions and feelings are thrown here. It’s 20XX so no one wants to read someone’s opinion without getting offended.

Look around and I hope you enjoy. If you want to talk shit at me, for better or worse, I’m always happy to hear it. I love getting opinions lobbed at me like grenades.


“I was born. I live. And at some stage I will die.”
– Every one ever.

I am an outspoken American supplanted into the UK, working to generate interest in our film company – Eze as Pi Productions – while freelance writing, working what comes my way and slumming it nine to five to pay bills.

I got big dreams and in some of them I realize I’m not wearing any pants and it is terrifying. But most of the time I am underwater and unable to fight off angels in a post apocalyptic fish tank… I do also have big dreams about where to take our films.

Me and my two adopted brothers Wayne Thompson and Jimmy Thompson are storytellers. We were born this way and we can’t change no matter how much religion you throw at us. And whatever it takes to get there and entertain people, we will do. To date its been 80 miles of hard road, but we’re pushing along as best we can.

I suppose I only have a personal site here because my shoes are so damn delicious that every time I open my mouth I seem to shove my foot in there. So to help keep a partial separation of what I say and what we say, I need a repository for my more offensive opinions, divisive essays and totally old school emo poetry I wrote back when I listened to the cure that one time.

Oh and pictures of my kitten. Because he’s so freaking cute! LOOK AT HIM!

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL FUCKER!… He’s holding a kitten.