Who am I?

I am a multi-award winning – and yet completely anonymous – filmmaker. 

While I primarily work as writing consultant and story editor, I also do a lot of video/film editing, work as a colorist and visual effects artist, as well as occasionally direct, write, produce, sound mix, Host a Podcast, Act, design, deliver, etc. etc. And so on. 

I come from a troubled background and do everything I can to give back to the filmmaking community, this leaves me cheap (affordable sounds better?) and often to be frank, burned out. But this is the chosen path so it must be walked, ran and skipped and hopped.

This site is not only a portal to hire me as a freelancer or ask for advice (always free) but also a freeform area where I can jot down the occasional essay about a variety of topics. Filmmaking, films, life, depression and so on. 

As someone who has suffered from Depression, PTSD and more, I try to support mental health where I can in individuals, but I know my views will not work for all, I’m an old school guy; while I believe supporting mental health is important, I think finding solutions are better than accepting as is. 

If you care to know more about me, this site will help give an impression of who I am, as well as the work I do. Thanks for reading and keep watching those great flicks.

  • Hank. Feb 2024.
Looking forward to Cannes (Literally)