Silence is golden

No more talk. No more lies. No more shouting. No more whispers. No more chat. No more time. No more noise. Silence beckons. Not the artificial silence of life, but the everlasting calm of unconsciousness. Disembodied emotion. Death of the senses. The deafening embrace of silence is rarely felt. The sound of breathing, heart beating, electricity humming, floors creaking, flies buzzing – none of it. Cold silence. There will be no voices. There will be no songs. There will be no lullaby. There will be no harmonious light. There will be no silence. Nothing. Empty and shelved. Turn the TV up as loud as you can on snow, on a channel long dead, un-received, listen to the soft noise build up as it encompasses every sense you have – then pull the plug. In that brief second before you breathe, before your heart beats in your ears, before the rest of the world slowly fumes back into existence, in that one short moment where all senses have dropped to nothing – you are dead. You are free. Get used to it. Find comfort in it. Find solace, find respect – respect inevitability. Don’t trouble yourself with the static any more than you have to. We all find peace and quiet, eventually. We have no choice. Enjoy it before you have nothing at all.

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