The lights

The lights shimmer softly across the surface of the rippling water
Refracting, contorting and breaking within themselves
Hinting at the breeze, which hasn’t reached me yet
The water falling sounds like torrential rainstorms of years long past
Cascades of metaphysical bliss, spreading and stretching like my shadow at dusk
I close my eyes and reminisce as the cool calm of the gentle wind hits me up and down
Long and hard
Days spent in a daze
Laying my head to rest easily
Staring at the sky
Summer, winter
Light, dark
Always raining
Falling down through me like a thousand of cupid’s arrows
The silence beneath the blanket of raindrops is golden
I wear the downpour like a coat of arms
Lumbering with the burden of the weight of it all
But protected within it, my solitary sanctuary
All in an instant, I am in love with life again
A life where the world is a beautiful place again
A life overwhelmed with hope and possibility
Even if for just one moment
It was my life
My mind recoils to reality
Spooling in my skull and opening my eyes
Wet with emotion
But dry, despite it all
Breathing in the night
Exhaling the past
The lights reflecting on the surface of the water look so beautiful…

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