Once upon a time:

There was a young boy, from a far away land.
he made his living, with slight of hand.
Stealing from pockets, and houses and all things than held cash.
Sometimes he was super smooth… Other time’s he’d grab and dash.

He was good at what he did, and never got caught.
He never forgot anything he’d been taught.
The master thief, a wise old man.
Had thought him out the back of his van.

But one day this boy found something he couldn’t steal.
He met a sweet young girl, in a red dress and high heel.
Her heart was not one just for the taking.
When he’d even think of her he’d start shaking.

He swooned her.
And wooed her.
If anyone deserved this girl’s affection.
He did, but all he received was rejection.

He hatched an evil scheme.
That was so devilishly mean.
It just might work.
He thought with a smirk.

The boy waited, until late one night.
Snuck in through her window, out of sight.
And silently went about it all the night.
Until hours past and the sun shone bright.

She opened her eyes to a bright new day.
To find two of every imaginable bouquet.
Red and white and pink and pale gold.
Any and every kind of beautiful rose.

And on her bed, laid across her chest.
Was a letter, which professed love, obsessed.
The girl jumped out of bed to find this sweet boy.
This boy she’d ignored who caused her such joy.

She checked every room in the house.
Nothing, so she grabbed a blouse.
And made her way outside.
Then broke down and cried.

The sweet boy had slipped and fell.
Down twenty feet from her windowsill.
His neck had broken the fall.
That’s it. That’s all.


Whats the moral of the story? Don’t climb in and out of windows.

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