The Automated tellers – Of Death

Drive thru banking.
Another invention yet to find its way to England
I love the concept of throwing your stuff in those tubes
Watching it go flying back to the control booth
I just always thought it was cool
Imagine if there was a Heaven
What if after judging they put you in the corresponding tube
And you got WHOOSHED on your way
Imagine they didn’t tell you which one
Good or bad
And as your flying through the tube headfirst
Suddenly you slam into something
And your body is jarred against someone else
Another person in the tube
Another few hundred people
All stuck together
All writhing and fighting
And screaming and wailing
Trying to get away
Jam packed into each other
And by the time you lift yourself up
Another person slams down on your back
Holding you there
The screams become deafening
The writhing bodies are so intense it hurts you
And you slowly realize as another person slams on you
The tube is very very slowly filling with water
Drowning the causalities beneath you
One by one
The stench is unbelievable
Like pneumonia
You can’t even pass out to escape
Someone ten or eleven people below you drowns with a final gasp
You’ve got about two days to go
You think this must be Hell
But this is just a traffic jam

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