So many people talk of being depressed
So few even know what real depression is
Depression is not what you get when you can’t get what you want
That’s frustration
Depression is not what you get when you can’t get laid
That’s loneliness
Depression is not what you get when you’re upset about things
That’s sadness
Depression is not sadness

Depression just strengthens these emotions

You can’t get “a little” depressed
You’re depressed or your not

Depression doesn’t come and go over a weekend like a bad houseguest
Depression is the landlord who controls if you stay or go
Depression doesn’t fall on your shoulder uncomfortably like bird shit
Depression hits like a ton of bricks and cripples you
Depression is like a heroin addiction
Going cold turkey is an impossibility
Switching one drug for another
Still leaves you wasted
You can never shake it
Just fool it into submission for brief periods

Depression alters your reality

With depression, a cleansing thunderstorm,
Becomes a dismal expansion of your mental state
With depression, the expression: Life goes on
Becomes: Life goes on – even if you don’t want it to
With depression, all of life’s little set backs
Become mountains of overwhelming fear and heart break

When you’re depressed, just like when you’re in love – you see things differently

Poetry can tear you apart
Music and movies can bring you to tears
The plight of others becomes your own
Days grow darker
Time flows at a stand still
Life feels impassibly hard

Family can’t understand you
Friends can’t console you
Lovers can’t heal you

Overcoming depression
Isn’t pulling yourself up and dusting yourself off
It’s cutting your legs off and dragging yourself to the nearest town
It’s painful and arduous
It’s never easy
It never works

But the cure isn’t as painful as the curse
Because there is no cure
But delusion and denial

Damn it all

Eh, it’s ok. It’s all good.

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