An string of unpopular thoughts.

I’ve been alive for 38 years. And the things that have happened in that time is incredible. Comparative to many other times in history, the curve of progress has sped up exponentially. But so has a lot of other things. And in many ways, I feel we are living on a knife’s edge, teetering between serenity and stupidity.

Being on mandatory lockdown gives everyone a lot of time to think. To reflect, work on yourself or your ideas. But, yeah, a lot of jerk offs are wasting that time, ignoring social protocols and making life harder for everyone else, spreading their germs wherever they want, acting like nothing is a big deal. Whatever.

Why should anyone be surprised? These are the same kinds of people who fuck someone on a night out and they wind up pregnant and the first thing they say is “it just happened”. Nothing ever just happens, there is a long chain of events which lead to every eventuality. Failure to see those chains makes you an idiot.

You can’t say that anymore. Someone is an idiot, or a retard, or something else implying mental deficiency because its insensitive to those who are mentally disabled… People got together one way or another and despite all the bad things going on in the world at large and their lives individually, decided that controlling and bettering people’s colloquial usage of possibly offensive terminologies was the most important overriding aspect to fight for that day – and now I’m an asshole for using it as a simple insult.

With war, famine, rape, murder, forced sex trade, slavery, racism, sexism, fraud, and hundreds of other horrible things happening everyday in every place on this planet – its amazing to me that so much time is spent caring about people’s mode of speech. But that’s kind of like this lockdown. I see a lot of people flaunting the security measures. Well it’s not happening to ME is it? So why should I be locked down? I’m not sick. Stupid that they closed Burger King for this, shocking.

Those kinds of people – people we should call ignorant selfish cunts but for simplicity we’re gonna call them RETARDS, because I don’t much care if that offends anyone; it’s about context, not the words themselves – these retards aren’t looking at the broader picture that social distancing measures and so on are in place to attempt to limit inadvertent spreading not to the individual but the many individuals they may come into contact with. It isn’t about YOU; it’s about US.

All of us.

But you know what? And here comes the part I lose most anyone reading this… Fuck ‘em.

I’m hugely in favor of everyone going out there and doing whatever the hell they want. Let everyone spread every germ and get sick and overrun the NHS and all those poor, hardworking committed doctors and nurses and custodians and all else who have committed themselves to helping others get overrun to the point they need to concede the loss or die trying to believe it’s containable.

As far as I’m concerned, we’ve passed the point of no return a long time ago. I hear people all the time say to me “Things will never be the same.”, “Can you imagine eating in a full restaurant again?” blah blah blah. Hate to say it, but people have short memories and dumb people even shorter ones. Life will go back to the way it was before anyone realizes it. Because people are stupid and creatures of habit and how many of these retards are ignoring the rules – once more, set in place to try and save lives – just goes to show how things won’t change.

Let’s say things get even more out of control. Here in the UK by Christmas we have 100,000 deaths. America Half a million. World wide 3 million. Won’t matter. Because by numbers that’s still under 1% of every moron here. And the only way to get the retards to pay attention is to shove their face in it until they can’t deny the situation they are in. Until we hit serious, earth shattering, life changing numbers, the retards will go back to their normal life without missing a beat.

And that is the real fear for smart people or conscious people. The ones worrying about going back to normal. Though they wouldn’t probably articulate it this way, because they are more considerate and caring than I am about this – but it’s the fear that the retards are still there, running around, spreading their germs, spreading their ignorance every day. Before, during and after the pandemic.

I was waiting in line at Iceland, keeping 6 feet from everyone, wearing my mask, keeping my hands in my pocket, as you do, and I see this kid, about 19, walking up to each person in line, both of his hands in his trackie bottoms, fondling his cock for some reason as dumb people like to do, asking each person in line if they had any snout. No mask, no social distancing and he took offense and insulted those that backed away from him. Then saw a friend of his and took his cock juice and ball sweat covered fingers and shook his friend’s hand before they both had a big hug, rubbing their filthy hands all over each other and talking about how “shan” this line is.

Here goes the next part where I lose whoever decided to read this far.

Life is too precious these days – and this is a big problem. According to the world counter, when I was born on Tuesday June 22, 1982, the global population was approximately:


And today we are at:

Current World Population



Births today


Deaths today


Population Growth today


This year

Births this year


Deaths this year


Population Growth this year


In just my lifetime the population has nearly doubled in size. And I am very cognizant of that. I pay attention. But imagine I was one of these retards who doesn’t pay attention. Do you think I would notice, care or assume I should consider my impact on the world if 20,000 of those people blinked away in a hospital somewhere? Would it really make me take my hands off my filthy dick in public? I am gonna err on the side of caution and say “nowt to do with me mate. I’m sound.”

Those of us who pay attention already know that much of the world is hungry and there are a lot of places where resources are not as abundant as the ones we decadently abuse here in more “civilized” cultures. (Remember that short burst of everyone buying toilet paper recently and empty store shelves?) In many ways when you consider it, its quite amazing we’ve all lasted as well as we have – but. Now the world is on shut down. The wheels that turn the cogs of industry are falling apart. Economies world wide are on the brink and governments are treading water hanging bailouts where they can.

When this is all over and life does return to normal – the major downside will be that economically we’re held accountable for that downtime. Unemployment will rise. Taxes will inevitably rise. The cost of living in general will become higher because every facet of commercial life is going to try and recoup for lost time. Because even if 50,000 people here in the UK die, its still a very small blip on the radar screen. Its emotional impact is felt by those effected and the government will use it as a rally cry and mark a day of memorial at some point to remind us of that number here and there to keep us feeling good about the fact we’re still here and still alive in an economic depression.

Meanwhile all the rest of us are still living too long and having too many kids. No one gives a shit about real issues and everyone has their head up their ass all fire concerned with the damage that words can cause used out of context and gender politics and other useless things fueled by social media and the news.

Well, see, I’m a horrible person. As I said earlier, far as I can see, we’re past the point of no return. When the lockdown ends, we’ll have all the cons and none of the pros. Nothing good will come of this. Some people will die – but all people will suffer… But, if a large enough number of people died, took a nice big chunk out of the population pie. Say 5 million here in the UK and 200 million worldwide… Some of the negative impacts of the fallout of the virus and the lockdowns would be mitigated.

The housing market would be forced to lower prices because there would be less demand versus supply. Jobs would be more readily available because there would be fewer employable people. Taxes shouldn’t need to rise because there would be less people on support – but this is probably just me being wishful, obviously they’ll still rise because of greed. People might even feel effected enough to focus on world issues instead of bullshit issues. Again, me being hopeful. I know no one cares about anything that is outside of their personal bubble.

I suppose I just wish for a world that has been through some shit and survived together. I remember talking to my ex’s grandma about life after world war 2 and she had a great swell of happiness run through her talking about how everyone came together and a real sense of community was born from everyone being on the same side against a common enemy and that when it was over, the fear and anxiety was replaced with comfort and safety the likes of which they hadn’t known.

It would just be nice to imagine when this ended, we had comfort and safety. Not more uncertainty, and loss and fear and taxes and joblessness and pain and suffering, overpopulation and retards walking about with their hands on their dicks begging strangers for smokes while claiming from the government and being ignorant to the world about them. It’s nice to imagine that this pandemic would change things for the better. Not leave things to go back to normal but worse. But that’s where we are headed.

And when I look at the world we’re living in and its unfairness and pointlessness and unrestrained population growth – I can’t help but feel the only solution is mass culling or a sixth extinction. ‘Cause you know. I’m a horrible person. I don’t believe life is precious. Just mine and those I care about. And everyone else is just a number. Snap those fingers big purple. I’m asking nicely.

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