Emotional intelligence

The height of depression makes interesting contrast to the bowels of happiness. Both live within one another, yet are polar opposites. Co-existing in the same realm of FEELING – just a fraction higher/lower than the other – but both holding a uniquely different view of the world. Both beautiful and horrifying within the same moment. Sometimes all complication and disaster still gleams with the faint breath of hope. Sometimes hope is the only problem. Sometimes tears can be a release. Sometimes tears can be a prison. Happiness will always be subjugated by depression. Mental strength means nothing to the sheer force of sadness. Sometimes it is heartbreaking to go to sleep. Sometimes waking up is worse. Sometimes both. Dreams are the relics of life past and premonitions of the time remaining. Moments of clarity fused with delusion. Freedom or imprisonment? For better or worse, there CAN be beauty in horror. And there IS horror in ALL beauty. And the world IS a beautiful place. And Sunsets do linger – but darkness lasts forever. Sometimes you can’t see the roses for all the thorns.

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