What the hell was that noise?
Did you hear it?
Wait, just be quiet a minute…

Never mind…
Wh… What’s that smell?
Wait a minute… I think it’s me.
It is me!
I think my brain blew a gasket of some nature.
Maybe it ran in too many circles, over the same self-numbing natured thoughts that flow through it.
Maybe the hamster just fell of the wheel and croaked.
Whatever the case – my mind HAS ceased.
I’m sure of it.
My god.
… If I had one…
How long have I been sitting here?
An hour?
A day?
A lifetime?
… Several?
I don’t know.
I’m not sure.
Not sure I’m sure of anything, nor if I ever was sure, I can’t be sure I really was sure – everything is unsure now. Maybe it always has been.
No matter.
Well, we’re all JUST matter – not that that matters as is – or was – or whatever.
Who, what, when, why, how can you even ask? – Who cares?
Self contradiction.
If I were a hippie, I’m sure I’d be delighted now.
That is… If I’m not.
How can anyone really tell these days?
They used to say, “Couples time… Two girls may not skate together.”
Then, “Couples time… Two girls may not skate together… Or… Uh… Two boys may also not skate together… Two boys? Why would they skate? Ha!”
Now, “Couples time… Everyone leave.”
Strange world.
Strange times.
Or maybe not.
Maybe it’s been this way for centuries.
Maybe it’s as repetitive as the movies we see each week in the complex-googooplex-domes of entertainment dotted around this landscape.
Maybe it’s all greek to everyone.
Everyone but the greek.
But WHO is greek now? Weren’t they wiped out in some fire in some war in some tree in some decade long past? I don’t really remember. What constitutes a greek – I cannot say.
Then again…
Seems no one should say anything.
Persecution is a harsh bedfellow – and we’ve all slept with it.
So in that respect I suppose we’re all whores – so don’t take offense if some narrow minded gastropod you call a neighbor ever assumes you or affiliates you with a word like that.
No one ever fucks around – not really. We’re all too busy getting fucked around to do any ourselves!
Save for the drunks… I don’t much care for them kind.
Wait, your not one of them are you?
Who did you say this was again?

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