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Self improvement. Not that I see much wrong with myself, I am after all, in a consistent state of denial about being anything less than perfect, I have to be, because I am human and unless I want to go down the route of constantly bitching, I have to have nothing to bitch about, because then you are without reproach to bitch to me, understood, I get you, this is how it goes, I am a member of society, I can read the lines and what’s between them, I know how to play my part, I know how to ‘fit’ in as is befitting someone of my nature, what is improvement? Improvement is proving to everyone else you can stand on both two feet, improvement is proving you don’t take things lying down, improvement is proving you have something to prove, its making people see you are not as good as they are, but better, its having enough money to buy what other people want, its having enough time to count that money and think of ways to express to others how much you have, its having enough respect that you can disrespect everyone else, it’s cool, I understand, I can see what must be done, I can see where I should go, I can hear the trumpets blowing, I can smell the ashes rising, I understand, I know my part, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, one nation under the dollar, disgusted by the people and all that crap, I know where you are coming from, I have seen it all my life, I get you, I know, I know I need this, you’ve told me I do, so it must be true, I believe in what you say because you said it, while I know that part of improvement is creating better, more believable lies to feed people about yourself so that you are without recourse, I have small reservation in believing you lie to me, because I understand you, words aren’t as important as meaning and I understand your meaning, I understand – but I disagree.

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