Modern Man

Everything feels so alive tonight
The earth is embracing the rain like an old friend
Not a hint of wind
Not a hint of pain
Far away from greed and misfortune
Far away from anger and stupidity
I stare up into the downpour
And part it with my hands like glistening curtains
To view upon the moon
It seems close enough to touch
I reach out for it and fall off the ledge
Crashing down through my disillusion
Splashing across the real world
Laying on my back the rain falls like stones
I pull myself up and breath in new air
I cough out the acrid taste filling my lungs
Harsh realities spill down over me like acid
Burning away my hopes dreams and delusion
My body is ravaged by the hands of man
The ground gives way to concrete beneath me
The moon is held captive behind granite and glass
The earth cries in pain and the wind blasts me apart
The city around me doesn’t even flinch

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