Devolutionary jabs

He knocked her to the ground. She moaned but lay motionless. A faint disturbed sigh fell from him as he stepped around her in a broad circle. Surveying the damage. Taking in the sight. He lowered himself and looked into her closed eyes. She was so beautiful. Even now. He had dreamt of a girl like this. Poured over girls like this. His whole life. Since he was young. The thought of them taunted him. The vision of them aroused him. The sound of them ridiculed him.

Condense all emotions into one raging white-hot ball of indecipherable thought.
There lies: Woman.

Smoke still clung to her lips. Slowly escaping her lungs weak grasp. He watched it with keen interest. Angelic folds of soft white smoke drifting from her face. Lost in an instant on a gentle breeze. He focused closely on her crimson lips. Drip down the side of her face. Watching her soul scatter into the night sky. Loose on the wind.

Condense only anger, lust, jealously, spite and revenge into a loop.
There lies: Man.

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