Onward and upward.

Onward and upward.

I don’t understand complacency. I don’t understand settling. Content.

I’m never content. Next satisfied. Everything I do is garbage. Just a learning curve, helping make me better for next time. Everything I get, I want more. Everything I do, it’s not enough. I’m always hungry. Always thirsty. Always driven.

Every failure is a hurdle. Not a brick wall. Every success is an inspiration. Not a finish line.

One Reply to “Onward and upward.”

  1. I understand what you mean about complency but I don’t think that just because you don’t see a finish line with every project you should be so critical. I read a statement like “Everything I do is garbage.” and I think, no, your work is a lot better than that and stands up to critical judgement. You evolve as a creative mind with every new project and maybe – maybe – that means older projects aren’t as developed or even experienced as previous projects, but they are not garbage, because they represent a time and space in your education and represent a chance for you to be expressive. And they also help paint the larger picture of the mind behind the work.

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