A few words about selling out

Some people will call us sell outs for getting involved with companies about product placements in our upcoming feature film Too Young to Die. (http://www.WeareTooYoungtoDie.com)

The simple fact is those people forget that the film business is a business. We are still in the process of raising the funds to make this movie and without money it won’t be released. As nice as it would be to have a full studio or investor fully back the movie, it is being funded piece by piece and by whomever wants to put the cash into the movie.

Forgetting about direct financing, filmmaking and marketing is all about branding and connections and by having companies invested into the making of this film, it will help us in the long run reach more investors, more markets and inevitably increase the films saleability when it comes to securing distribution.  

So there will be some product placements in the film, but they will not detract from the experience. No one is going to stop what they are doing in a scene and grab a can of soda and swallow it down before commenting “wow, now that is a soda!”. All brands featured in the movie will be displayed as discreetly as possible.

We’re doing everything we can to make this movie happen. Some will consider this selling out. Some will say we’re not indie unless 100% privately or personally funded, and some won’t care one bit. Hopefully our fans will understand and appreciate that we’re working hard to get this movie made – and made at the highest quality so it can be the best movie possible.

  • Hank

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